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"Best DUI Lawyer in the Tahoe Area!"

I found myself in a very tough situation with a hit and run and a subsequent DUI. Mr. Koenig was there for me over the Thanksgiving holiday and got me through some extremely tough times. I trust him implicitly and he represented me and has a rapport with the local DAs and was able to help me not to be so stressed in a stressful situation. I have asked for his assistance twice now and both times, he has not let me down.

"Excellent professional and experienced representation."

Jude was overall an excellent attorney when representing me! From the start of my case he was always straight forward and honest regarding the realistic expectations that could be possible. He would explain every process to me in full, which was very comforting since I had never been involved in the legal process. If I ever had any questions, he was quick to respond no matter how silly it might have been. I trusted and respected his professional opinion and would recommend his services to anyone I know. With patience, perseverance , and knowledge he was able to successfully get all my charges dismissed due to insufficient evidence . Victory ! Thank you for all your time and hard work!

"Compassionate and Trustworthy"

Mr. Koenig took our case up against the priciest and nastiest attorneys in the area. When the decision became up to a judge after two years due to an arbitration clause, Jude told us it was a 50-50 crap shoot and if we lost, we would incur the oppositions exorbitant fees. His knowledge and personal opinions saved us over $80,000.00 as new Truckians versus the old boys network. We settled for a small amount and the case was a wash but it did not wipe us out financially! Highly recommend this astute attorney.

"Great DUI Lawyer"

I highly recommend Jude Koenig as a DUI lawyer. Jude did a great job of explaining all of the facts of my case as well as my options, and he kept me well informed throughout the legal process. In a case that would almost definitely have resulted in jail time/significant community service due to a high BAC - Jude was able to convince the judge to close the case with zero jail time or required service hours. For this I am extremely thankful. If you need a DUI attorney in the Truckee/Tahoe area (as so many do) - hire Jude Koenig.

"Best in Truckee"

Bad things sometimes happen to good people. I hope that you never need an attorney, but if you do call Jude. I cannot say enough about how professional and personable this guy is. He will take take care of you.

"Saved by Mr. Koenig"

I was terrified that I was going to lose my driving license and spend time in jail. Mr. Koenig was able to significantly reduce the charges against me - I did not lose my license and spent no time in jail. He was a prosecutor so he's extremely knowledgeable of the system's ins and outs. He responded quickly to all my concerns and made me feel confident in his skills - I felt very assured of a positive (considering the circumstances) outcome.

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